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Who We Are

TRAVANDO is a team of passionate globetrotters. We’re convinced that everyone should enjoy carefree traveling. That’s why we develop products that make traveling easier. Whether embarking on an exciting adventure, taking a family vacation, or going on a business trip, Travando wants to enable each and every explorer to enjoy carefree and relaxed traveling!

How it all started …

Where else but on a road trip could the idea of TRAVANDO originate?

Two students, two weeks on the road through Europe in an RV… and the brand was born.

The ideas for our first products hatched out of our own needs. Whether we were on an RV trip, or at a camping site or a hotel, we were confronted with problems that we couldn’t solve with products from the shelf.

There was a deficit of suitable travel gear on the market so we founded the TRAVANDO brand while we were still students. In notebooks we designed our very first sketches for our first products with no outside support. We acquired the specialty expertise we needed and soon found manufacturers who supported our idea.

Thanks to our own travel experiences, we knew exactly what improvements could be made. So here we are with products we designed ourselves and sell with pride all over the world.

Only passionate travelers – like us – can understand the needs and wishes of other passionate travelers.

Our Values

Our continual quality control ensures the very highest standard. And there’s a lifetime guarantee on many of our products.

We’re always working on further developing our product lines. We strive for perfection.

Every one of our products has something new about it. We always try to be one step ahead of the market and the march of time.