Social Responsibility

Not only does TRAVANDO pay close attention to our suppliers’ working conditions – we want to take good care of our employees at headquarters in Nuremberg too.
We take our labor laws in Germany very seriously. Our team enjoys the freedom to choose flexible working hours and locations, as well as team-building company retreats to refresh creative thinking and promote a fun working environment.

Common Social Responsibility

In addition, we practice CSR (Common Social Responsibility). We believe that companies should serve as role models for social responsibility.

The employees should not be seen as a cost factor, but it is their motivation and passion that makes a company successful. Not profits and turnover are the most important factors for us, but the individual employee and his or her satisfaction.


TRAVANDO is an official member of the FairCommerce Initiative, and we support fair trade in our business practices.
There’s lots of competition in the e-commerce world, and unfortunately fairplay is not always a given.